Cleaning and looking after inhalation therapy equipment is very important.

Good cleaning habits will help to stop bacteria, and fungi growing in the devices and possibly entering the airways.

Cleaning after you have used the equipment: 

  • Take the device apart
  • Wash all the pieces in warm soapy water
  • Rinse with fresh water
  • Shake excess water from each piece of the device
  • Place pieces on a clean dry towel or dish rack and leave to air dry

Weekly sterilisation (be sure to check product descriptions and instructions):
There are several ways in which to sterilise the device. These include:

  • Boil all parts of device in rapidly boiling water for 10-15mins OR,
  • Use a baby bottle sterilising device (avoiding microwave devices especially if your device has metal parts to it).

 Storage of devices
Store your devices in a clean, dry covered container. Regularly wash and dry this container. Inhalation therapy equipment should be dry before storing, and stored away from areas that are more likely to create dust, mould or mildew build-up.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Equipment – CF Physio


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