To move mucus from small airways, it is more effective to start huffing with a small breath in and long breath out, progressing to larger breaths as mucus moves. Follow the instructions below to practice a huff:

  • Take a small breath in
  • Open your mouth to an O shape and if you have a breathing tube, place it in your mouth, between your teeth
  • Seal lips around tube
  • Breathe out with some force (not too much force) and good steady flow, trying to avoid a wheeze
  • The breath out is similar to fogging up a mirror u2013 practice in front of a mirror or hold a tissue in front of your mouth to check your technique (tissue curtain)
  • Increase to middle sized breaths and then large breath huffs when mucus moves closer to the mouth

Perform 1-2 coughs when the mucus is ready to be cleared


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