• Try to create a positive physio environment.
  • Only use 3 positions per treatment.
  • Never treat too close to a feed – for babies you must wait at least 1 hour after or just before a feed.
  • Hand placement for pats must be always over the ribs, not the stomach.
  • Never pat/percuss on bare skin, always use a layer of clothing and/or towel.
  • Always use correct positions – don’t do opportunistic percussion!
  • Percussion/pats should be firm and rhythmical with a cupped hand.
  • Always start treatment when baby is awake but it is ok to keep going if they fall asleep.
  • Remember to stick to your time for each position – maybe use a timer to indicate when time is up
  • Don’t stop treatment as soon as a baby cries or fusses, try a distraction or position change

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