1. Flutter/O-PEP is an oscillating PEP device, creating vibrations in the airway.
  2. It is important to hold the flutter at a specific angle to get the best oscillations/vibrations.
  3. A slightly bigger breath in with a breath hold should be used.
  4. Each individual will have their own treatment plan provided by the CF physio, each set of breaths will range from 10-20 breaths, or may be timed.
  5. Encourage good posture whilst doing treatment.
  6. Make the session fun, read a book, do a puzzle, play music during the treatment session.
  7. Encourage huffs during the session.
  8. Flutter/O-PEP must be cleaned after each use.
  9. Flutter/O-PEP should be stopped immediately if a client complains of chest pain or coughs up any blood. The CF team should be contacted and CFWA should be informed.

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