Airway Clearance Sounds

Aerobika improving Explanation & Coaching Tips Inspiratory pause before breathing out was present but not audible Good expiration phase, with a steady active airflow Tips

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Podcast and CF Strong have joined forces to bring to the CF community real life insights and personal experiences on all things physiotherapy and CF.

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Beam x

Beam teamed up with Inc. for a special 4-part collaborative series that was supported by CF Tasmania and funded through a Circle of Care

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Beam Feel Good

Beam is a website that helps people with cystic fibrosis to improve their physical and emotional health through movement, education and wellbeing support. They offer

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Post-Course Survey

Please take the time to complete this survey. It will help the team at evaluate if the website is meeting your learning needs and

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Video & Audio Library

Modified Shuttle Test (25) Audio The Modified Shuttle Test (25) is a commonly used field exercise test for people with Cystic Fibrosis. Performance of the

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