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Beam Feel Good

Beam Feel Good

Beam is a website that helps people with cystic fibrosis to improve their physical and emotional health through movement, education and wellbeing support. They offer live and ondemand classes led by specialist instructors who are either living with or working in CF as well as community and motivational support. Exercise sessions include a mix of exercise disciplines (HIIT, yoga, strength and conditioning, dance, Pilates, etc) and address a range of CF health needs (posture, stress incontinence, breathlessness management, etc). Live classes offer the opportunity for community connection and encouragement. Beam also offers well-being sessions like mindfulness and mental toughness.

To try out Beam you can sign up with promocode CF-AUSTRALIA for a month’s free access You may discover Beam to be a regular ‘go-to’ platform to help you achieve your recommended levels of activity or address specific CF challenges; or it could be helpful at times when you don’t feel safe or confident exercising outside or in public spaces.

Beam co-founder, Pamela Scarborough, is a CF physiotherapist by background and has developed the platform in collaboration with clinicians, people with CF and CF charities globally.


I was never very good at keeping a regular gym routine but I've found Beam's live classes absolutely brilliant. It is so handy to be able to exercise from home, interact with the trainer and other people with cystic fibrosis. The trainer also gives you options if you have injuries or have been told not to lie flat etc. Their yoga classes have also been great to help de-stress during the pandemic. Overall, it's a brilliant germ-free option to keep fit!

I started to join some live classes. I also realized the other CFers in classes were just like me! They were there to strengthen their bodies and minds as well. I never felt judged or looked down upon. And the little conversations that took place before and after class made my heart so happy and alive!

There are so many online options for exercise, but being able to have the opportunity to talk to the instructor and connect with other adults with CF is so much more valuable.

As a 39 year old with CF, I have had almost no interaction with another CF patient since childhood in the days before segregation. But through the online classes and the removal of the risks of cross-infection, to be able to see, talk and exercise with others for the first time in approximately 25yrs was really mind blowing. It has been super motivational to see other people with CF (younger and older) and whilst I initially opted to remain anonymous and keep my camera off, I soon found the confidence to engage and chat and have my camera on (though appreciated the option of anonymity had I wanted it). I’ve even been able to form a friendship with another participant and will now keep in touch. I think this social element benefits the classes and teaching should not be underestimated.


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