Cystic Fibrosis – An Introduction

This course will provide you with a general introduction to what CF is. The incidence and genetics of CF will be explained and a brief explanation of the prognosis, the benefits of multidisciplinary care, and an introduction to infection control and prevention considerations in CF.

Airway Clearance Techniques

Airway clearance is an essential part of CF physiotherapy care and should be incorporated into every day. This course will provide you with an introduction to the principles of airway clearance, a variety of airway clearance techniques and devices, and provide you with the practical applications of these devices. Watch the video demonstrations to observe a physiotherapist teaching an individual with CF how to use a particular device or perform an airway clearance technique.

Inhalation Therapy

Inhalation therapy has an integral role in CF care and can enhance airway clearance, and airway clearance can enhance inhalation therapy. Complete this course to understand the mechanism of inhaled medications, how they are delivered to the lungs, information on order of taking inhaled medications, and recommendations for cleaning and maintenance of equipment.

Complications in Cystic Fibrosis

Learn more about the various complications that may occur in CF and may have an impact or influence the physiotherapy regimen. Understand some of the precautions and modifications to physiotherapy management recommended if complications do occur.

Adherence to Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can be time consuming but there are techniques and strategies that can assist in incorporating regimens into everyday life. Working together, patient and health care team, to empower individuals to be in control of their CF physiotherapy management. This course will provide practical resources and tips to assist with promoting adherence.

Infection Control

Infection control and prevention is of significant importance in the CF population.  Physiotherapists, as health care professionals, play an integral role in providing education to individuals with CF, and ensuring essential infection control and prevention practices are being implemented. This course will provide information on the relevant bugs in CF, how these can be transmitted and recommendations on how to minimise transmission of bugs.

Musculoskeletal considerations and Exercise in CF

Exercise and physical activity is an essential part of our everyday lives. In CF it is important exercise is promoted throughout the lifespan. Learn more about safely incorporating exercise into the CF physiotherapy care plan and information about changes that may occur to the bones, posture and pelvic floor in CF.


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