PEP Routine

It is important that you follow the individual routine which has been developed for your client by their CF physio. This is an example of a routine you might see:

  • Sitting upright, elbows supported at a table if possible.
  • If using a mouthpiece, it should be positioned in the mouth between the teeth, with the lips sealed around the mouthpiece.
  • If using a mask, place mask over nose and mouth and hold firmly to create a seal.
    • Take a slightly larger than normal breath in, breath hold, followed by an active breath out, not too hard.
                    • This may be repeated 12-15 times, or for younger children the set may be timed rather than breaths counted.
                    • Older children and adults will be encouraged to huff and cough after each set of breaths.
                    • Repeat each set as prescribed in treatment plan.
                    • The PEP device should be cleaned after each session.

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