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Mediplast Australia Series

Mediplast Australia Series

This series has been proudly sponsored by Mediplast Australia. Through this support the CFPhysio Team is bringing to you, discussions from individuals within the CF community, like-minded organisations, and healthcare professionals sharing insights, expertise and experiences. Please note the content in these podcasts may not be evidence-based, they may also discuss topics that raise questions for you, or trigger emotions that may be uncomfortable. Please discuss any concerns with your healthcare providers.

Podcast 8

Physio Education in All Corners of the World

Health inequity is a global issue that is complex and multifactorial. CFPhysio founder met with Dr Jamie Wood, physiotherapist and internationally accredited airway clearance instructor, to learn more about his journey in addressing health inequity, sharing his knowledge and expertise to clinicians abroad, and having an impact in improving health outcomes for those affected by chronic respiratory disease.

Podcast 7

Exercise testing in CF: Which one, why and how?

Jen Hauser, founder of and physiotherapist, catches up with Dr Zoe Saynor, an exercise physiologist/researcher from the UK, to get to the bottom of exercise testing in CF. Why should exercise testing be part of ongoing CF care, which test to choose, how or what to do with the test results, and what value is it for the person with CF? So much information to unpack…this is just the beginning, with more resources being developed on CFPhysio, and more podcasts to come. Thanks to Mediplast Australia for supporting this podcast.

Podcast 6

Airway Clearance Through the Ages

Through the ongoing support of Mediplast Australia, Jen Hauser (President and Founder of CFPhysio Inc) had the privilege to sit down with Dr Brenda Button, an honorary clinical associate professor, senior physiotherapist, and unpack the history of airway clearance in cystic fibrosis. Brenda is a true gem in the CF community who has worked as a physiotherapist across paediatric care and adults with CF, for over 30 years, is a valued member of the CFPhysio team, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is now saved in this point in time. For physiotherapists, students, and interested individuals in the CF community, this podcast covers a lot of ground exploring techniques, devices, and other aspects of physiotherapy and airway clearance in CF.


Podcast 5

Inhalation Therapy Tips and Tricks: To get the best! 

Thanks to the support of Mediplast Australia, Jen Hauser, founder of CFPhysio Inc caught up with Dr Anna Middleton, a CF specialist physiotherapist to chat about some of the key elements of inhalation therapy in cystic fibrosis. The content is suitable for people with CF, parents/caregivers of individuals with CF, and for healthcare professionals. A discussion that provides many tips and tricks to optimise inhalation therapy, and to make the most of this treatment in overall CF health management. Some helpful videos mentioned in the podcast for nebuliser cleaning suggestions are:
How to clean and disinfect the nebuliser in cystic fibrosis (CF) – YouTube
How to clean your nebuliser – YouTube

Podcast 4

Travelling with CF: Prepare Well

With the support of Mediplast Australia, Jen Hauser, President and Founder of Inc sits down with Lizzie, a CF warrior and physiotherapist, and discusses Lizzie’s experiences in travelling with CF. Lizzie has travelled to many destinations, conquered many challenges, and although she recognises everyone’s journey with CF is unique, she is a true believer that no matter your destination, preparing well is essential when it comes to travelling with CF.

Podcast 3

Live Life to the Fullest.

Jen, founder of Inc sat down with Sam in the studio and learnt more about living life to the fullest! Sam is Inc’s podcast editor, he is also on the advisory committee for CF Strong, he has cystic fibrosis, is a bilateral lung transplant recipient (two times over) and has a huge medal haul from transplant games over a number of years. Listen in to our conversation and learn more about this young man who truly has faced adversity beyond your imagination and doesn’t take any moments for granted.

Podcast 2

Exercise across the lifespan in CF: Part Two "Start with a little"

Nathan Ward and Mike Doumit, experienced physiotherapists working in adults and paediatric CF centres dive further into the conversation on exercise across the lifespan in cystic fibrosis. Thanks to Mediplast Australia for sponsoring this podcast series the conversation in the studio explores more about the role of exercise in CF and how this may change as life changes.

Podcast 1

Exercise across the lifespan in CF: Part One "Find your groove"

With the support of Mediplast Australia this first podcast in a series of sponsored podcasts brings Mike Doumit and Nathan Ward into the studio to discuss exercise across the lifespan in CF. Nathan and Mike are both experienced physiotherapists working across adults and paediatric clinical settings in CF. The conversation gets started exploring the benefits of exercise, the battles of balancing screens and movement and touching the surface of exercise testing in CF.

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