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13 – 18 Years

13 – 18 Years

We need your help. Are you are teenager with CF, or a young adult who has recently transferred to an adult CF clinic? 

We would love your feedback and input to this section of resources. Please email [email protected] if you want to be involved.

Age-appropriate care

Individuals are becoming increasingly independent with their routine activities of daily living, including decision making and managing their health. This is an important stage for adolescents, parents and CF staff to work together, developing a balance between commitments for example school, work, social and healthcare needs, and navigating the teen years. Self-management strategies and skills should be taught in negotiation and collaboration with parents/caregivers and the CF healthcare team.

Preparing for transfer to adult care:

  • understand the names of the various inhaled medications you are on
  • knowledge of the airway clearance techniques/devices you use
  • able to explain optimal timing of treatment and why you should do your treatments
  • ability to monitor your symptoms, knowing what your usual baseline of cough, sputum, breathlessness, exercise tolerance is and recognizing changes and knowing what to do if these changes occur
  • Plays an active role in the cleaning and maintenance of your equipment and an active role in your clinic consultations with physiotherapy.

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