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Infection Control

Infection Control

There is increasing knowledge that some bacteria commonly found in the lungs of people with cystic fibrosis (CF) can be easily passed between people with CF.  Bacteria in the lungs will have different affects depending on the individual and so it is important for you, and the hospital to minimise the risk of passing bacteria between yourself and others with CF. For good lung health and to minimise infections, it is also important for you to avoid getting sick from general colds or viruses if you can. Sometimes this can be difficult to avoid but this chapter will provide you with some helpful tips for you and your family and friends to practice to minimise this.

The information about how bacteria are caught and passed on in CF is a work in progress. As such, this information is based on what we know at this point. This page will be updated as new information about infection control in CF becomes available.

All those involved in the care of people with CF have a role to play in infection prevention and control, including patients, family/friends, healthcare professionals, and hospital workers.


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