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Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

3-5 Years

Please note these links are to external sites. The links are for various locations in Australia which may have different resources available for CF to the place you are living in. These links are not managed by, we are not responsible for the content, accuracy, relevance or quality of the resources.

The audio files below allow you to listen to other children with CF and their different cough. There are also some helpful suggestions about what you are hearing and what this might mean for this child. Remember every child is different and if you have concerns about your child’s cough/chest please contact your CF care team. 

Young child coughing during play

  • You can often hear sputum when children are laughing
  • Tickling can be a good way of getting a child to laugh and move secretions around
  • If you child is old enough ending with a big cough is great

Toddler who is unwell with a chest infection

  • Some respiratory illnesses make children cough very frequently
  • Sometimes the cough is wet and some sputum is coughed up and swallowed
  • A lot of the time, the cough is dry and can sound quite distressing
  • Please let your CF team or GP know if you are concerned, especially if your child looks to be working hard with their breathing

Baby unwell with increase in sputum

  • In babies who are unwell with a respiratory illness, sometimes you can hear sputum in their airways
  • You might need to get your ear nice and close to be able to hear these sounds
  • You can even place your hand on their chest and ‘feel’ for sputum moving in there
  • Please let your CF team or GP know if you are hearing this and you are concerned

Child with wet cough

  • When this child coughs, it sounds like there is some sputum there which is a bit sticky and difficult to clear
  • Techniques you’ve learned like airway clearance or using certain nebulised medications will be helpful

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