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The importance of regular exercise and an active lifestyle is becoming more evident for people with CF. Some studies are showing us that an active lifestyle may result in better fitness levels, increased lung function and improved overall quality of life. People with CF who keep fitter may be able to cope better with the impact of CF. Exercise can also:

  • Make every day activities seem easier to do
  • Preserve and/or slow the rate of decline in lung function
  • Assist with airway clearance
  • Improve the ability to perform daily activities such as cleaning, shopping, going to school/work
  • Increase and/or maintain bone strength
  • Maintain the movement of your upper (thoracic) spine and chest wall
  • Preserve overall muscle strength and function
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve appetite
  • Improved fitness levels have been shown to reduce the number of hospital admissions for some children with CF

The resources below have been designed by physiotherapists to assist people with CF to exercise safely at home or within their community. They contain specific CF-related exercise tips and information. There are also guides that can be given to personal trainers and other workers to help educate and guide them in developing safe and effective exercise programs.

  1. Exercise and Cystic Fibrosis: A Guide for people living with CF © Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia 2014
  1. Exercise and Cystic fibrosis: My exercise record © Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia 2014

  1. Exercise and Cystic fibrosis: A guide for personal trainers © Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia 2014


Special thanks to: Jamie Wood, Senior Physiotherapist Cystic Fibrosis, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Paul O’Neill, Dietician, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Sally Edwards, Nicola Parsons, Jamie Warren

Another helpful resource is, a website developed specifically for individuals with CF, providing a platform for you to safely exercise in your home, on your own, or in a virtual live class. The instructors may have CF or they may be physiotherapists who work in CF. Talk to your physiotherapist about the website and together you may be able to find a program that works for you.


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