Cleaning and Maintenance of Equipment

Cleaning and Maintenance of Equipment


Cleaning and looking after your inhalation therapy equipment is very important. Good cleaning habits will help to stop bacteria, and fungi growing in your devices and possibly entering your airways. Looking after your inhalation therapy equipment is important to make sure they continue to work the best for you. Every piece of inhalation therapy equipment has different cleaning recommendations, and it is important that the instructions for cleaning are followed. Instructions should be available with all products, check the manual for these instructions. If you are unsure of how to clean and maintain your equipment please discuss with your CF physiotherapist. 

Inhalation therapy equipment should be stored away from areas that are more likely to create dust, mould or mildew build-up. Equipment should be replaced if faulty, broken or visibly damaged. Talk to your physiotherapist if your equipment is not working.

Please refer to the product manuals for instructions on the cleaning of your equipment.

It is essential that individuals become familiar with the specific product information and cleaning recommendations for their own devices. Some general advice is included below:


Dry Powder Inhalers

Dry powder inhaler devices (e.g. those used with bronchitol and the TOBI podhaler) are supplied with the medication and are disposed when you receive your next device with the next box of medication.

Do not wash these inhalers, they should be kept dry and clean by wiping with a clean cloth between uses. Another way of keeping the device moisture free is by not breathing back into the device. Inhale the powder, then remove the device from your mouth before breathing out.


Individuals should be aware of the possibility of contamination of nebuliser equipment and the risk this poses to their health.

It is generally recommended that nebulisers should be cleaned daily and disinfected weekly to prevent acquisition of infection. Check product information for specific recommendations, and talk to your CF physiotherapist if you are unsure. 

It is also important that nebuliser pots be replaced regularly according to manufacturer’s guidelines (usually between 6 and 12 months).


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