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Women’s Wellness

Women’s Wellness

Airway clearance is a very important element of your CF care. Please use the information in this chapter of the website to enhance the care you receive from your health care team. We strongly advise that before purchasing a device or starting any new technique, or changing your airway clearance regimen, that you discuss this with your treating CF team/ physiotherapist.

Note: for each airway clearance technique or device there are precautions and some clinical situations where you should not use certain devices. DO NOT start using a device on this website if you have not discussed it with your CF team first.

If any of the following occur, STOP your airway clearance and contact your physiotherapist:

  • if you experience a sudden onset of chest pain

  • If you experience a sudden onset of shortness of breath

  • If you cough up blood in your sputum

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