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Click to view - The Australian Guidelines for Physical Activity

Being active is important for babies and young children to grow healthy, and sets good habits for life. Read about how much activity small children should do each day, limiting sitting time, avoiding screens, and making sure they get enough sleep.

Pre-schoolers (3 to 5 years of age)

  • Try to be moving/active for up to three hours of the day, this can be walking, standing, playing
  • Try to make sure 60 minutes of this activity is more energetic, this may be dancing, swimming, trampoline time
  • Try organised sport, for example a soccer team, Auskick. Lots of different activities to build strength and skill.
  • Some of these exercise options can also be incorporated with airway clearance, combining bubble blowing with a trampoline session, or setting up an obstacle course and in between sets having some sessions with Bubble PEP or another airway clearance choice.

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